IGOWIN is a strong computer program that plays go on a 9x9 board. It is a challenge for both beginners and strong players. A beginner should start with a five-stone handicap. IGOWIN keeps track of your wins and losses and, as your go improves, the handicap is reduced. If you can hold your own against the computer in even games, you will be doing quite well.

For the strong player, the challenge is to beat IGOWIN giving it a three-stone handicap. If you can beat it at four stones, you are a strong 4- or 5-dan. To beat it consistently at five stones puts you at the professional level.

To download IGOWIN, click the button below.


The computer program for IGOWIN was developed by David Fotland. His program for 19x19 go is sold under the name The Many Faces of Go. This product is available from Yutopian http://www.yutopian.com