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Christmas Sale of High-Quality Go Equipment

This Christmas, Kiseido is offering a special selection of go equipment at discounts of 20% and more. Airmail or priority shipping and handling charges are included in the price. These high-quality items will make a perfect gift for your go-playing friends or even yourself.
Sale ends on January 5, 2008.

Kaya Table Boards

Kaya is considered to be the ideal wood for go boards, since it is superior in their color, brightness, and hardness to other kinds of wood. The golden-brown color of these boards mellows with age and, when struck with a stone, a lively sound is produced. The kaya table boards offered here are made of up to four pieces of wood, joined together and finished by master craftsmen. Their surfaces all have the highly-prized masame grain that runs straight across the top of the board.

Item Regular Price Discount Price
B214: Kaya table board $1,100 $850

Shell & Slate Stones

Because of their weight, color, grain, responsiveness when placed on the board, and their pleasant feel, shell and slate stones are the perfect aesthetic match to kaya boards. The black stones in these sets are made from nachiguro slate, mined in Wakayama prefecture, Japan. The white stones are made from clam shells harvested in Mexico. The white stones are classified into three types: yuki, tsuki and jitsyo. The yuki stones have clear grains which run straight across the top, while jitsuyo stones have either irregular or indistinct grain patterns

S31Y: Shell & Slate Yuki Stones 8.4mm $365 $290
S31T: Shell & Slate Tsuki Stones 8.4mm $275 $220
S31J: Shell & Slate Jitsuyo Stones 8.4mm $250 $200
S32Y: Shell & Slate Yuki Stones 8.8mm $470 $375
S32T: Shell & Slate Tsuki Stones 8.8mm $340 $270
S32J: Shell & Slate Jitsuyo Stones 8.8mm $290 $230
S33Y: Shell & Slate Yuki Stones 9.2mm $600 $480
S33T: Shell & Slate Tsuki Stones 9.2mm $390 $310
S33J: Shell & Slate Jitsuyo Stones 9.2mm $315 $250
S34Y: Shell & Slate Yuki Stones 9.5mm $760 $605
S34T: Shell & Slate Tsuki Stones 9.5mm $430 $340
S34J: Shell & Slate Jitsuyo Stones 9.5mm $355 $280
S35Y: Shell & Slate Yuki Stones 9.8mm $900 $720
S35T: Shell & Slate Tsuki Stones 9.8mm $470 $375
S35J: Shell & Slate Jitsuyo Stones 9.8mm $380 $300
S37Y: Shell & Slate Yuki Stones (10.4 mm) $1,350 $675

Bowls for stones

Keyaki bowls makes a good match with the color of the kaya boards
T378: Keyaki Go Bowls (Holds up to 10 mm stones) $275 $220

For those who prefer a bowl made of wood with a rich dark color, but not as expensive as the traditionally mulberry bowls, Chinese Quince is a good choice.
T380L: Chinese Quince Go Bowls (Holds up to 10.0 mm stones) $350 $280
T380EL: Chinese Quince Go Bowls (Holds up to 12 mm stones) $500 $400

Please note that for orders sent direct from Japan, your credit card will be charged in Japanese yen, which is approximately equivalent (rounded off) to the discounted US dollar price. The current rate is approximately US$1.00 = 110 to 114 yen, but it fluctuates daily.
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