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Chinese Elite Tournament


A fantastic game that highlights the concept of kiai. The players are Shi Yue (won the 2013 LG Cup) and Zhou Ruiyang (won the 2013 Bailing Cup) who are tied for third place in the most recent Chinese rating list. This game shows the importance of being able to read out positions deeply and accurately.



Ten-Game Match
Gu Li vs. Lee Sedol


From January 26, 2014, the two strongest players in the world are facing off in a ten-game match. The first player to win six games wins the match along with a prize of $820,000. Click the button on the left for a detailed commentary on the first game.



Japanese Kisei
Title Match


Yamashita Keigo is challenging Japan's top player, Iyama Yuta, for the Kisei title. Click the box on the left for detailed commentaries on the first two games.



LG Cup
Title Match


Two Chinese players, Zhou Ruiyang 9-dan and Tuo Jiaxi 3-dan, just fought a best-of-three match for the LG Cup, a Korean sponsored tournament. The games were played on February 10, 12, and 13, 2014. Tuo Jiaxi won the match 2–1. Commentaries on these games will appear during the fourth week of February.





The Pinyin romanization system is used for Chinese names and the McCune-Reischauer romanization system
is used for Korean names. Lee Sedol is transliterated as Yi Se-tol the McCune-Reischauer romanization system and is used in some publications. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names are given with the family name first.